Kulukundis Family       

Sir Eddie Kulukundis OBE.

Born 1932 Director of LOF & R & K's and others. Theatre and Film Producer, mainly UK based, married actress Susan Hampshire OBE 1981 Theatrical Ambassador, Sponsor and Donator, aligned philanthropically to theatre and sports projects, has donated in excess of £2 Million for these causes. Chairman of the Ambassador Theatre Group and others.


  • "My luck, is that my parents were very wealthy."
  • "If you don't run a business with one eye open for the costs, it's a disaster. So I have to say I'm a very poor businessman."
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    Mr. Elias B.M. Kulukundis.


    I am Manuel Kulukundis's nephew Miles's first cousin. Uncle Manuel, Miles's father and my father were brothers, three of the five Kulukundis brothers who with Basil Mavroleon ran the firm of R & K. The eldest brother, Uncle George figures prominently in my book The Feasts of Memory (www.thefeastsofmemory.com) and my musical play Three Brides For Kasos (www.threebrides.com.)

    I am also glad to receive a note from Peterborough, as I used to own a cottage in Bosham, near Chichester, where my daughter spent her first four or five summers.

    With kind regards,

    Elias B.M. Kulukundis

    Mr John M. Kulukundis.

    Son of Miles Kulukundis, sailed as 'Cadet' on LOF tankers, and then in the Management and Chartering Department of LOF. Lives in the USA. Joined Charles R. Weber as Director of Research 2005. Worked previously as project broker for Webers. John is a board member of the Connecticut Maritime Association.

    Mr Minas C. Kulukundis.

    Director LOF and others, tragically died 21st December 1988 while on Panam flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland, whilst on his way to New York to attend a Captains funeral.