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News Date Dec 2010                              

Well yet another year comes to an end, I am in some ways very relieved that we 'lost' only one old sea dog - John Dunsmore.
Undoubtedly the highlight for me, was joining with LOF friends and attending the 40th anniversary of the loss of the 'London Valour'. The event by the Genoese authorities was a real credit to all those who were lost.
The flag of Genoa being that of St. George. My thanks to Bob Kitchener, Simon Palser and Family,
Meurig Caffery and Eric Hill and Family.
The short transcript and photos are below during April.

Other news has been very sparse. Connie and I have been away quite a lot and plan to 'leave' the poor UK winters even more now she has 'retired'.
Thanks for all the Christmas greetings and to those who have sent 'sponsorship' for the website, my appreciation with helping with my costs.
Everyone seems to be getting on with life quite well, all of us a bit older and probably none the wiser?
A number of our friends making frequent visits to hospital - keep taking the pills.....

I shall be away for a prolonged period - out to Malaysia, Bali and Thailand in the near future.
I take a notebook computer with me and check my e-mail regular.
I have the ability to update the latest news should it be necessary.

13 years have now passed us by, since LOF was sold and the time tends to go very quickly these days.

Connie and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.


News Date Nov 2010     Alan Sinclair..... (Ex E&EO)
Daisy and myself will be in Scotland from 14th November till 28th November and already my schedule is being filled up,
not by myself but none other than my mother and father.
They are making sure I don't travel much when I am there, you know the old folks style.

We have moved to a new house in early August, so still have some unpacking to do and tidy up the house. 
Best wishes Alan


News Date Nov 2010     Bill Manson..... (2nd/Eng 1966 -74) 

The recent, and very necessary, review and subsequent recommendations, by Lord Young, on matters relating to “common sense”, and the “overload” situation with HSE procedures was long overdue. Imagine telling small boys that they must wear safety spectacles if playing conkers. The world has truly gone mad, or has it?
What would the modern day HSE have made of our antics on the 'London Confidence' in early 1968. 

The Confidence was running between Venezuela and Tenerife, a nice run you would imagine, and indeed it was, most of the time. However the cargo was very heavy waxy oil, which required to be heated to over 100°F, (I do not recall the exact figure). Quite a high temperature considering the average sea temperature would have been only about 45°F.
I was a second trip Junior Engineer, The Chief was Hylton Burdon, and the Second was Dave Kirkpatrick. Captain George Douglas and Mate Bill Brown completed the Confidence’s senior management. 

We had successfully completed our first round trip, managing to discharge our cargo in Tenerife, (but, only just).
On our second run we were getting better at setting the heating coils steam valves for individual tanks.
Tank temperatures were taken twice daily, and field days were the norm for the 4-8 Junior Engineer to help make any necessary adjustments. Then, the inevitable failure of a heating coil happened. As I recall it was in either no.2 or no.3 centre tank, of course there was nothing we could do while loaded. We struggled on in our attempt to maintain the cargo temperature and more by good luck than anything else we managed to discharge normally in Tenerife.

On the return trip to Venezuela, we completed tank cleaning and, gas free, we were able to inspect the tank, of course as per Parkinson’s Law, the heating coil had failed about a metre below the deck level where it entered the tank, and the pipe appeared to be cracked. No access was possible without scaffolding/ladders, etc. What to do next? 

The following morning the Chief sent for me after breakfast, (in the duty mess as usual). He was proposing that if we could ballast the tank to a suitable level, it would be possible to swim across the tank and closely inspect the leaking heating coil and possibly even attempt a repair. This sounded like a tremendous adventure to me, and, guess who volunteered for the proposed shenanigans?. Wearing only my swimming shorts and carrying a bucket containing wire brush, emery paper, Thistlebond repair kit, (remember them), I stood at the tank coaming while Bill Brown tinkered with valves controlling the ballast level in the tank. Even on a very calm day in mid Atlantic, the ballast was moving about more than I liked. This did not seem such a great idea after all.
Eventually “we” decided to go for it and I was swimming, one handed, across the tank trailing my floating bucket of tools. I arrived at the heating coil and called out for the steam to be “cracked on”. The leak was immediately obvious, a small hole, I couldn’t believe that this could cause so much chaos. 

In the near darkness, I cleaned the area of the leak as best I could. Mixing the Thistlebond epoxy was an exercise in patience and one-handed dexterity, while hanging on to the heating coil pipe. The repair epoxy and glass tape were applied, after a fashion. I was quickly becoming frustrated knowing the possibility that this might not be the most successful repair job ever. The onset of the curing process of the Thistlebond epoxy signalled the end of the repair effort, and I swam back to the tank entry ladder. I was so relieved to get out of the tank, it was not until later that I noticed that I had “lost” the wire brush and some emery paper. I really did not care, I was filthy, despite the tank cleaning, there remained remnants of cargo material most of which seemed to be adhering to me.
After a suitable delay, the steam was gently opened into the heating coil, amazingly there appeared to be no leakage. This was cause for much celebration and the steam was closed off. 

The ship’s ballast was returned to a normal format and we all returned to normal routine as we continued towards Venezuela.
As the next cargo was loaded, the heating coils were brought into use immediately. Within an hour or so, my worst fears were realised. Oil in the condensate returns, and vapour pouring from the tank vent signalled the failure of the repair. Nothing we could do, the cargo was loaded and so began another struggle to Tenerife.
We continued to successfully deliver these difficult cargoes. In those days, I knew nothing about Charter requirements and such business matters, but everyone seemed to be happy with our efforts. 

Not long after my antics in the tank, I was promoted to 4th Engineer. I sometimes wonder how that happened! On top of all the heating coils problems, we had trouble with the crosshead bearings on the 9RD90. It was an altogether very busy trip.
I was paid off in Tenerife having done my allotted time, and happy to fly home for a break. I never did find out what happened to the wire brush I lost in the tank, but, I wonder, whatever would modern day HSE make of such nonsense?

News Date Nov 2010     David Reid..... (Ex Cadet - 3rd/Off) Congratulations.....

Ann and I are back in the Northeast of England - On my 60th birthday I was appointed as the new Managing Director for the Thai company (Sahaviriya Steel) that is acquiring the Teesside Steel mill from Corus. We had returned to our home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last year and spent most of the Summer building a new house on the banks of the Susquehanna River until new orders were received!  We are now living in a great flat at Saltburn by the Sea where we enjoying stunning views of the North Sea.  Once we restart the Steel plant I will have the largest command of my life! - In 1972 I was 3rd mate on the Finnamore Meadow  bringing iron ore into the Tees steel makers so what goes around truly does come around!

News Date Sept 2010     Rodman Tarbuck...... Happy 80th..... (05th October)
A fantastic party atmosphere at The Tarbucks Residence last weekend, a lot of his relations, neighbours and friends.
Roy & Connie along with Paul & Gwen Cartwright had a cracking evening with everyone in 'Heswall - Wirral - Liverpool.



 Tarbie originally a 'Counties' apprentice (see counties history).
 Sailed first trip on a coal burner which ran out of fuel?
 Was one of the 'youngest' appointed Masters in LOF
 Sailed as Master (Part Time?) until he was 72

 Rod & Jeannie are celebrating in Tenerife.

 Happy Birthday.....


News Date Sept 2010     All quiet for a few weeks.......!
Maybe everyone's on holiday, but not much news passing by....It will be Bob & Margaret Stinchcombe 55th Wedding Anniversary in a day or so and we wish them both well.
Our good friend Captain Rodman Tarbuck will be celebrating his 80th birthday in a week or two? and congratulations to him - they will be off to Tenerife to celebrate with their daughter in October.

I've been very busy with my community projects between holidays and as some of you are aware one of the groups I lead is called 'Street Pride' besides everything else we do around our town and villages, make notice boards, litterpick, remove fly-tipping and have adopted 3 gardens into our town plus two major lay-byes adopted.
4 Boats filled with plants and flowers into each gateway to our town - fully sponsored and maintained by ourselves.
One of the 'themes was to incorporate (unknown to our Fen Men Landlubbers) some LOF Ship names....

We Have the 'Pride of Whittlesey' and 'Spirit of Whittlesea', plus 2 others which they came up with themselves....




The Website is having a holiday.....In a couple of weeks.... Again. Off - Driving to Croatia!
If you have any news or updates please let me have them as its easier to do it from this end.... Thanks..
News Date July 2010     Douglas Maxwell Mackenzie (Grandson).
I was intrigued to read the story regarding the Log compiled about the sinking of the Primrose Hill. The reason
behind this is - Captain Mackenzie was my Granddad. If my memory serves me right I have the original document
or what I think seems to be the original I would have to dig it out.
It was only recently I decided to look at my Granddads past as he was also the Captain of the Overseas Courier.
I was never able to meet my Granddad as he passed away when I was very young. His son Maxwell my father
used to tell me the great stories of the Overseas Courier trips to Hamburg.
My father has since also passed away some 8 years ago. Any stories I was told were all about how great a man he
was. I have since had a son myself and he is named Dylan Maxwell again continuing the Maxwell connection for a 4th
generation something we are very proud of in the family. I have noticed my Auntie and Uncle Maisie and Tony Tucker
have contributed to your site previously. If you have any information, stories or pictures or where I may be able to acquire some of either the Primrose Hill or the Overseas Courier would be greatly appreciated so I would be able to show to
my son in the years to come.
Best regards

Douglas Maxwell Mackenzie

News Date July 2010     Adrian Cook.....
Just a quick note to let you know that I shall soon be joining the retired population . A little earlier than I anticipated .
I have actually volunteered as the coke ovens are still open for business so a slightly younger steelworker can have my job.
I had to leave Corus books by April the 6th to beat the deadline for getting my pension (I'm not 55 till September), then re-sign for a contract company until what we call cross-match personnel are trained up for 3 months.
Fortunately for me (another little bit of good luck!  our full time union officer happened to be chosen to run for parliament so I was asked if I would agree to be seconded in to the role until my time is up and as he won the seat I am still there in my suit and tie (not used to that form of dress).....
On a more personal note I have got engaged to a young lady, Wendy, so she will have to work 8 days a week to keep me accustomed !
I now have 7 grandchildren so the cost of Christmas is rising even higher .
I have completed 25 years as a rugby referee and who knows I might have a couple of more seasons in me.
To keep me a little busy I have just completed a course to do some Mental Health Advocacy for a local charity .
Best wishes to everyone.
News Date July 2010     Back in business for a while!!!!!
Sorry to have been away from the website for over 6 weeks now, but lots going on, holidays (India) and my 85 year old Dad needs some TLC these days.

In Memoriam of our Good Friends.....
Jack Kirkham Passed away 02nd May 2005
Andrew Gillie Passed away 23rd May 2006
Tom March Passed away 11th July 2007

Our thoughts and memories are not forgotten RIP
News Date May 2010    The Website is having a holiday.....

I'll be checking my mail and have the ability to update the website if necessary while in warmer shores.... catch up in a few weeks. (R.G.)


News Date May 2010     Malcolm Cuthbert     I understand Malcolm is in hospital at present, undergoing all sorts of tests, he has had a rough time since being knocked off his 'bike' 3 years ago - we wish him well and a speedy recovery.
News Date May 2010     Archie Coulter.....
I am here in Beirut on a small survey ship and interesting thing happened on Sunday.  A large RO RO managed by Andrew Weir berthed astern of us. As I was in that company recently I went to the ramp to see if there was anyone on board that I knew. I talked to the Chief Mate and he told me who was on the ship and there was no one I recognised. I was  just about to leave when I noticed the name on his helmet. C. Archer.  I said. "Hold on a minute I sailed with a Colin Archer in LOF in 1974." "He said that was me who are you ?"
What a co-incidence to meet him just like that.  It was my first trip as 3/0 on the London Confidence and he was cadet at the time.
I have had a good look though the LOF website that you have put together and would like to say thanks for doing such a great job of this.
I was a late entry at the 2005 reunion but missed the 2007 one. If there are to be any more I would be interested to
attend though I know organising these things is a massive job!
It was great looking through all the articles and photos and getting various stories and news of the people I sailed with.
The Pioneer incident was of particular interest to me as that was my first ship as cadet in 1969. I sailed with Carney Davidson and Phil Barber and Pearson the C/E who was on the Pioneer for a time when I joined. Campbell Dobie was a good friend of Brum (John Rowley) Cadet 69-73 and stayed at my fathers hotel in the IOM with Brum when he came to visit me. The Pioneer Bell certainly brought back amazing memories.  As Junior Cadet I had to go on the bow at midnight new year 69/70 and ring in the new year. However it was pitch black and as the ship rolled I fell over. I though that's a real bad omen for the new year. But 70 turned out to be a good year for me as I joined the Statesman in June and had a great trip on her.
I was looking through another website the other day called shipspotting.com   I am a member there and upload various photos to it.  There are 700,000 ship photos on there !!(my name on that site is 7csailor )  Anyway I punched in a few LOF ships without much success till I tried London Craftsman.  There were four pictures of the Craftsman.  One shows snow on the deck with foot prints leading forward. The details of the picture were Tokyo Bay 1975.  I though back and hey presto I was on that ship at that time. The photographer was 2/0 Robert Hogg.  I don't think he was in the company very long. I have tried to contact him but not luck so far.
As for me I have had a real topsy turvey time over the last few years. Made redundant by Saga after 14 years as Master with them. Joined Bank Line as C/O as no Masters jobs available.  After a trip got a Masters job there.  Made redundant again as the ships were scrapped due to the world trade downturn. Almost joined MCA but came away with Odyssey Marine on a small survey ship instead. That's where I am at the moment but is not looking good here as they have just removed all the survey equipment. Great!
Hope you are keeping OK.
Best regards,  
Archie Coulter.
News Date April 2010     Jon Tondeur..... Counties....
I’ve just had the very real pleasure of viewing your web page, which I discovered by accident.
I joined “Counties” in 1948 serving an Apprenticeship on the ‘Stanley Park’, which subsequently had a name change to ‘Haligonian Duchess’, and later a further change to the ‘Malden Hill’.

During the period 1948 to 1951, Captains A. K. Lawrence, and later W. S. Shields, served as Master. 
My apprenticeship was somewhat brief because of credits given for having attended the
London Nautical School for four years.  After completing my Second Mate’s Certificate, I served as Third Mate with Elder Dempsters, Haines and the Palm Line, leaving the sea in 1955 to settle in Canada.
I returned to school, and graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Civil Engineering, becoming a District Engineer for the
Province of Ontario, retiring in 1996 after spending 23 years as the County Engineer for The County of Northumberland.
We reside in Cobourg,
Ontario, on the shore of Lake Ontario, which often reminds me of my earlier days “tramping” around the globe.

Keep up the good work…..Jon Tondeur.

News Date April 2010     David Bisset (Ex 3rd/Eng) David originally went to sea with Royal Mail Line, he came to LOF as a 4th/Eng in 1958, his first ship being the 'London Glory I' and his last ship in 1968 on the 'London Splendour I'
He then went with Blue Star Line as Chief Fridge Eng. Then went out for several years on storage tankers around Borneo. Various other appointment either on tankers or the North Sea. David is 74 and lives in Dunfermline Scotland. (R.G.)
News Date April 2010     Brian Rogers (Ex Ch/Off) Good of Brian to have found us..... he was on the 'most wanted' list for some time! I started at sea with BP tankers in 1958. Got my 2nd Mates cert and joined
The Baron Line. Often the only Englishman in an all Scottish crew. 
Joined LOF in 1969. Well nearly LOF the m/t Hunter Cambridge. Ronnie Sullivan was the Mate and Joe Wallace the Skipper. 
Left LOF 1977 when James McIndo promised me a Master's job within 6 months with Associated Shipping. In fact it was three.
Left the sea in 1985. 
Ran a deli wholesale company . Then became an Immigration Officer Retired from that and
now live life as I wish. Will be 70 in August.

When Brian and I sailed together around 1977, we were on a cargo ship going around the Brazilian Coast. Brian enjoyed a 'stiff' G&T and decided to hide a few 1/2 Gallon Bottles in the battery locker, amongst  the same type of bottles I use for distilled water (before all the health & safety we have today). This he did not inform me about.
Consequently over the next couple of weeks, the batteries needed topping up on a regular basis, come the end of the month I checked the 'specific gravity' of the cells and whoopee..... a fantastic set of number occurred, plus the terminal voltage had gone up to around 30 volts, which was much better that the 26 volts norm.
A day or so later I heard a cry from outside and went to investigate, only to find Brian in tears - 'where is my Gordon's he said, after a brief chat it became apparent what had occurred !!!!! My batteries had been topped up with 80+ percent Gordon's best!!!.... leaving poor Brian a gallon or two of best ships distilled water!!!!!  (R.G.)
News Date April 2010     John Dunsmore RIP

 Captain Rod Tarbuck and I attended the funeral service of our LOF
 shipmate and friend John Dunsmore today 16th April at the Anfield
 Crematorium and afterwards at the Hermitage.
 We were made very welcome by his wife of 40+ years Lillian (Lil)
 John had a son and daughter by his previous marriage.
 A large number of his friends from the Liverpool Model Railway Club
 were also in attendance and were very pleased that a couple of his
 shipmates came along.

John was born in Carnoustie - Angus.

I am very grateful to Capt T for his support and assistance in attending with me today.

News Date April 2010     Obituary John Dunsmore (Ex 3rd/Off) (01/10/25 - 08/04/10) John was a traditional
                                       seafarer, some account of his earlier trips to sea are documented on this website under 'war
stories' on the sidebar.

The 'Ville De Strasbourg' was caught trying to run the blockade back to France and was handed over to Union castle Mail Steamship Co. I signed on her as cadet in Birkenhead on the 11th November 1942.

John lived most of his life in the city of Liverpool
I have only of late been made aware of his demise, he was injured on two occasions during the
war and although recovered to be 'fit' for sea service, always had a lasting effect on him.

He suffered two heart attacks over the years and recently was unwell and was in the Fazakerley Hospital in Liverpool, at 84 he developed complications and passed away last Wednesday.
His frail wife 'Lil' did not know my contact details and I was informed by Tom Hughes who is working in the North Sea and saw the obituary in the Liverpool Echo.

John attended both LOF Reunions and was a sponsor of this website.
His funeral will be at the Anfield Crematorium - tomorrow 16th April - I am unsure whether I shall be able to attend at such short notice.

John Dunsmore - RIP - a real gentleman.


News Date April 2010     'London Valour' 40th Anniversary - Commemoration - Genoa Italy 09th April 2010
                                                                                ' We shall not forget.'

Having just returned from the Genoa trip, there will be a much more in depth and full article to follow, once all material has been collected. Here is a very brief account.
Some 250 personnel from Genoa, other parts of Italy and 12 from the UK were present. 4 Television Crews and 5 Newspapers were represented. The British Consul General Mr. Lawrence Bristow-Smith was also in attendance.




(L) Meurig Caffery. (Ex 3/O L.V.)     (L) British Consul General.                  L) Robert Kitchener. (Ex C/O L.V.)
                                                            (C) Robert Kitchener. (Ex C/O L.V.)  (R) Roy Gerstner.
                                                            (R) Meurig Caffery. (Ex 3/O L.V.)

                                                                       © Roy Gerstner April 2010


News Date April 2010    John Russell was the editor of the Pinch of Salt books. He was a Marconi and later NZSC R/O and much more besides.
It would be nice if you could sign the petition and draw its attention to folk. (Dave Meare)
Dear Friends,
On 2nd April it will be two years since John passed away, with great courage and dignity, after being diagnosed just eight months earlier with MND. 
John used to write the newsletter for the Friends of Abington Park. Last year, on 29th March 2009, helped by grandsons Edward and Dylan, I planted a beautiful Bhutan pine tree that they had donated in his memory.
This year as a positive way of remembering John, I am asking everyone to visit the MND Association website and sign the petition for a National Strategy for MND. Please ask your friends and family members to do so too. Urgent national action is needed to ensure people with MND receive high quality care and support from the NHS and social services, no matter where they live in the country. So please sign the petition today. The petition will be delivered to Downing Street after the general election.


Many thanks and best wishes from,
Jean, David and Claire, Sue and James and grandsons Edward and Dylan

News Date April 2010 London Valour Commemoration 40th Anniversary Thanks to Eric Hill......
"I just wanted to keep you informed that the memorial service for the 40th anniversary of the” London Valour” is proceeding with the Port Authority and the local “Comune”. I have met a pilot who was decorated by the Comune for his service in the rescue team that day.
The pilots, the fire brigade, the tugs will all be represented and present for our event.
As far as the handing over of the Bell is concerned I am certain that I can obtain an undertaking to donate it to the Museum in the event that the Church closes. I am not certain that they are prepared to give it up now, as they use it in the services.
The Port Authority also has the flag and small bell of the London Valour which I shall ask for you and family to see.
Please gather as many participants as possible as their presence would be greatly appreciated by the local authorities."
British Consulate Genoa


                            Il Comune di Genova e il Consolato Britannico 

invitano la S.V.

alla cerimonia per la commemorazione del 

40° Anniversario del naufragio della “London Valour”

9 aprile 2010

Area Expò Testata Magazzini del Cotone 

Ore 10,00 – Interventi Autorità

Ore 10,30 - Imbarco su motovedetta per deposizione corona a mare 

in collaborazione con la Capitaneria di Porto, l’Associazione Nazionale Marinai d’Italia, i Vigili del Fuoco,

e l’Associazione Nazionale Vigili del Fuoco

Si ringraziano i Rimorchiatori Riuniti e il Corpo Piloti del Porto di Genova 

A cura Ufficio Cerimoniale Gabinetto del Sindaco


Dear Eric,

This is the official invitation. Please send it to everyone you think may be interested.
Looking forward to seeing you then. Please remember that the Consulate is open Monday to Wednesday 9.30 to 12.30. On Thursdays from 12.30 to 15.30.

Kind regards,


British Consulate Genoa

    Piazza G. Verdi, 6/A - 16121 Genoa

    Tel.: +39 010 574 00 71

    Fax: +39 010 530 40 96



News Date April 2010     Congratulations - Don Dunlop ties the knot.....Bronia Ahmed.
Thanks to Malcolm Cuthbert who sent me the photos, along with wife Jean, Paul and Gwen Cartwright in attendance.

The wedding and reception was at the Marriott Hotel Gosforth Park. At the moment Don is with ABS and posted at Glasgow, they have just moved into a house in West Lothian between Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Not heard or seen any of the NE lads lately but then I've not been too well with a virile and chest infection, this damaged right lung from my bike accident seems to get the least thing that's going around.
Regards to all - Malcolm
News Date 18th March 2010    London Valour Commemoration 40th Anniversary

This is the letter from the British Consulate in Genoa, they are making a really fantastic effort in welcoming our small group to this commemoration.
At present Ex Chief Officer - Captain Robert Kitchener, Eric Hill (Grandson) and his family, father and uncle, Simon Palser (Nephew) and his family, plus myself are going to Genoa for this event on 9th April.
It is still not to late for anyone else who might wish to join in with us, to come along.
Naturally, I will be reporting on the event. (R.G.)
News Date Feb 2010     Birthday Boys..... Last week saw birthdays for Bob Stinchcombe, who was 79 and is keeping OK considering his numerous hospital visits, his golfing days alas are over, but he and Margaret still manage the 30+ steps to their front door!. Bob informs me that Mick & Gwyn Howells are keeping well, Mick up to his usual tricks of knocking the house down and rebuilding most of it!, Gywn is as good as she gets after a couple of operations after being having accidents of not their fault. Di & Rita Walker, also just down the road, are also well, Di, passed his 80++ mark recently.

Dennis Jakobaufderstroht has reached his bus pass 60 last known to be employed by NERC, from which these pictures came from.
Son Stephen is connected on facebook....afraid, I am not, as not enough time to 'play around' on these networking sites, so very sorry to all of you who have sent 'invitations' to join up.

Happy Birthday Ambrose Jones
 who will be celebrating his 75th on
 the 19th February.
 The left picture is of a very 'young'
 Ambrose in 1957

News Date Jan 2010     'The London Valour - 40th Anniversary' - This April 09th will be the anniversary of the accident/incident of the 'London Valour' some 40 years on. It is planned that a number of us will be going to Genoa.
Eric Hill (Grandson of Radio Officer Eric Hill) along with his father and uncle are attending, Eric located the Bell from the 'Valour', which at present is in the Anglican Church. It appears that the church attendance/state of repair is dwindling, and it seems appropriate on this anniversary to move the Bell to a new home - which is planned for the Maritime Museum.
Coming with me will be Captain Robert (Bob) Kitchener.

We are travelling out Ryanair on the 08th and returning on the 10th.
If anyone else would like to join with us, please contact me

  Roger Palser..... This is a picture of a happier Roger Palser who was Jnr/Eng of the
 'London Valour' at the time of the incident. Roger joined the company in February 1969
 He was 26 and is buried at Thornhill Cemetery Cardiff.

 Simon Palser is nephew to Roger and has been in contact with me recently, He and some
 family are also planning to meet/join with us in Genoa, Simon lives in Switzerland.

 Help...... I am looking to make contact/locate the following.....
 2nd/Eng Arthur Carey,
 Jnr/Eng Martin Dowling, (lost contact with)
 Nav/Cadet Colin Lewis
 Nav/Cad Stephen Benstead.


News Date Jan 2010     Old Friends.....  At the end of our holidays in Northern Thailand, we stopped by Kuala Lumpur to stay a few days with my relations. It was fantastic to meet up with Alan Sinclair and wife Daisy, who had made the special effort to come from their home in Jahor to meet with me for a few hours.   
 We had a scrumptious 'dim sum' lunch at
 the KL Hilton, reminiscing of times,
 people and place of long ago.
 Alan has been out in Malaysia for 27+
 years and has a son of 20, studying IT in
 He joined his first ship 'London Pioneer'
 as a young 20 year old Electrician in Oct
 1974, remained with LOF until made
  redundant July 1985 his last ship being
 'Overseas Argonaut'. Since then he has
  been based ashore. He owns and runs
  his own company and is very happily
  settled in warmer climates.
Next year, I am hoping to spend more time out in Malaysia/Thailand and we hope to meet up again. Alan is coming over to the UK in November for his fathers 80th birthday, he would be very pleased to contact any of his old ship mates.

Another 'Bell' is found..... 
  These recent pictures of the 'London Citizen' Bell are
  from Robert Connor, (son of Captain Owen Connor)
  who seems to have 'liberated' a few Bells - see
  previous article last year.....

  This lovely example is at his sisters house, it is very
  pleasing that the Bell is still within the LOF family.
  Thanks to Captain Connor.
News Date Jan 2010     Graham Gamage..... So a bit about me, I hail from Leicester and left Guthlaxton Grammar school in 68 with a desire to go to sea as an Engineer, the only real qualification I left with was an 'O' level in metalwork. No one at the school had any idea about what to do to help me achieve my dream, only 1 teacher had an address for Union Castle so I approached them to see if I could join as a cadet, I was given the chance to take an entrance exam in Plymouth  and failed it. Next step was to get an apprenticeship which I served at A A Jones & Shipman a machine tool manufacturer so it was precision engineering, but at least I was an engineer. 
I finally got my first seagoing job as a J/Eng with Trinder Anderson in 1972 they had just been sold to P&O, I stayed with them for 1 year and done 2 trips I was not a happy bunnie with them, I saw the old advert to bring your gold to LOF, so I applied and got the job, my first trip with LOF was on the 'Discovery' joining in UMM SAID up the Gulf. We managed to lose Captain Jerret over the side off Madagascar unfortunately we never found him very sad time that. Then joining the 'Harmony', 'Statesman', made redundant in '75 but rejoined in July '76, joining 'Shackleford', 'Confidence', 'Fusilier', and finally 'Confidence' again.
I left in 1980 after getting married she didn't want to go back when it came to the crunch so reluctantly I left, had many jobs since then not settling in any of them for long. I got divorced about 6 years ago and I remarried last August, I have one son aged 24, and I am now working for an agency in a warehouse. 
I was on watch with John Ireland on his first trip back to sea after the Engine room drama also on the ship was the Webbers I don't think Sue had to buy a drink all trip.
I would love to get in touch with 3rd/Eng Hughie Banks we sailed together on the 'Fusilier' and the 'Confidence', and 2nd/Eng Lenny Philips and his wife Georgina we sailed together on the 'Confidence' both times. If anyone has any info about them I would be grateful. 
I was so sorry to read of the passing of Tommy March another character I've sailed with.
Best wishes Graham (Still in Leicester). 

Website Holiday...... I'll be checking my mail and have the ability to update the website if necessary while in warmer shores.... catch up in a few weeks. (R.G.)

Happy Birthdays.......A couple of belated birthdays and some for January......
Dick Cunningham. Jean Kirkham, Bruce Thomas.

John Peters. (Who will celebrate his 60th)
                           Ben Killeen. & Bob Mayman.


News Date Jan 2010     John Chamberlain..... I sailed as an apprentice in 1959 on the 'Woldingham Hill' I was 3rd Mate when she was laid up in Dartmouth in 1962. I then joined the 'Mulberry Hill' until Jan 1965.I became 3rd Mate on the former after the existing 3rd Mate was taken off having gone insane whilst going up the St Lawrence Seaway in 1962. Some interesting characters throughout, not to say the same about  the voyages made.
I swallowed the anchor after getting married in 1965 did go back in the seventies but in another capacity. I found myself working for a paint company involved in Dry dockings at yards where ships dry-docked, also as Q/C Coatings inspector on New Builds in Sweden, France and the U.S. With the decline of the marine industry in 1978  I did the similar work off shore and at construction yards mainly for B.P. When this ran down I started a business doing Chimney work, relining fitting Multi Fuel Stoves etc that was 9 yrs ago and although past retirement age I am doing this 6 days a week in the East Neuk of Fife (St Andrews) employing 4 people one is my daughter who is a qualified Chimney Sweep. Still married to the same wife ,incidentally a Ken Dagnall is mentioned I met Him when he was a Lloyds Surveyor in Dunkirk 1974/76. Best wishes.
John Chamberlain
News Date Jan 2010     No news recently from our old mucker John Trotter (Ex Rad/Off) who has been doing a great job in Queensland looking after their own convicts in jail. John reminded me sometime ago about 'Dannys Bar' in Antwerp, - never frequented the place myself, but was told stories of the establishment ie men dressed as women in openness of the 60's & 70's. Not sure if still exists.
Here is a picture of the said establishment - again unsure of when this picture might have been taken.
I dare say there were plenty of other venues around the globe in the period that were of a similar nature, before a more open minded society came about.

More on the Good Girlies Book below..... some rapid e-mails last night about this 'publication'.... sorry ? visit the website and have a look for-yourselves www.rhiw.com


News Date Jan 2010     Welcome to 2010, News comes in very erratically, we can go some weeks without a great deal happening and then a spurt of information arrives.

Then again - what about a bit of 'humour' or historic watering holes..... I dare say you can come up with a few more.....
I am grateful to TJ at www.rhiw.com where this and much more like it comes from. There is a good booklet about 'Hong Kong' worth looking at..
Naturally this list is not complete or extensive!, I take care that some/most bars were drinking establishments for the general relaxation of Ships Officers wanting to go ashore for a bit of convivial conversation with local people and for no other reason!
However life moved on over the years and there are a number of bars from this not complete list still around - notably 'Charlie's Bar' in Aruba - where the cocktails were pretty potent - I can speak from experience of not feeling my legs when trying to leave the stool.
Can remember before my LOF days - 6 weeks at a time in Kobe Japan, the Motomachi had over 400 bars in and around the area, starting and ending  at the Aussies - Clancy's Bar.
The final time in Kobe in the 80's there were only 3 bars left.... One of our Engineers Pete T....., decided for the last and final time he would go ashore to 'buy' a camera. Needless to say some few hours later Pete T returned yet again without a camera and some 40,000 Yen (about £400 at the time) light in his pocket and no I didn't go ashore on that occasion.


Aberdeen: Crown & Anchor, Moorings, Quarter Deck, Pe-Peeps, Fittie Bar, Neptune Bar, Tory Bar.
Amsterdam: Blue Funnel Bar (The Old Nickel Hotel) Old Sailor, Bluebell, Scotch Corner, Double Diamond Club.
Antwerp: Danny’s Bar.
Avonmouth: Royal Hotel.
Belfast: The Rising Tide, Dubarries.
Bergen: Piano Bar.
Birkenhead: Pier Hotel, The Dolphin, The Cuckoo, The Swan, The Pilot Boat, The Duke, The Pacific.
Bremen: Crocodile Bar
Blyth: Steam Boat.
Cardiff: The Ship & Pilot, The North Star Club.
Coleraine: The Queens.
Dieppe: Tout Fabien.
Dublin: Kelly’s Bar, Champions.
Esbjerg: Denmark, John Wayne Bar.
Falmouth: The Laughing Parrot, Chain Locker.
Fawley: The Falcon.
Felixstowe: The Little Ships.
Gdansk Poland: Viking Bar.
Glasgow: Betty’s Bar, Mechanic's Arms, Black Cat Café  Queens, Vital Spark, Jim Baxter's Bar.
Glasson Dock: The Caribou.
Gothenburg: Liebenberg Bar.
Grange Mouth: Queens, Royal Hotel.
Great Yarmouth: The Ship, Gallon Can.
Hamburg: Bontekoe, Zillertal Beer Hall, Star Club, Hippodrome.
Haugesund Norway: Toby’s Bar, Nelsons.
Holyhead: Edinburgh Castle, King’s Arms, South Stack.
Hull: Sportsman, Tower Hotel, Earl De Grey.
Immingham: Lock Inn, County Hotel.
Invergorden: The Marin, Caledonia, Commercial,.
Isle of Grain: Ivies Bar.
Kirkwall: Queens Hotel.

Larne: The Olderfleet.
Leith: Jungle Bar. Port of Leith, Nobles, Bet Moss's Chain Pier Bar.
Lerwick: Queens Hotel, The Lounge, Captain Flints.
Limerick: Ma Ryan’s.
Liverpool: Caradock, Millers Castle, Norseman Club, Winifred, Ye Olde Cracke (Photo), Lord Nelson, Legs of Man, American Bar, Grapes, Roscoe Head, Pen and Whig, Crocodile, Caernarfon Castle, Slaughter House, The Mona, The Queens.
London- KGV: The Round House, The Bridgehouse, Kent Arms.
London - Millwall Docks: Queens.
London - Canning Town: Royal Oak.
Middlesbrough: Robin Hood, Captain Cook, Bongo Club, Corporation Hotel.
Montrose: Ferry Den, Diamond Lill’s (Esk Hotel) Anchor Bar, Three Crows.
Newcastle upon Tyne: Pasada, Newcastle Arms.
North Shields: Jungle Bar (real name The Northumberland Arms).
Peterhead: Waverley.
Plymouth: Dolphin Hotel, Boobs.
Portsmouth: White Swan (Mucky Duck).
Port Talbot; The Walnut.
Rotterdam: Happy Club, 392 Club.
Salford - Manchester : Clews.
Southampton: Queens Hotel, Horse & Groom, Clowns, Sailors Return,.
Southsea: Bistro (AKA Royal Navy Academy of Dancing).
South Shields: Ferry Tavern.
Stavanger: Diklens.
Stornoway: Star Inn, Macs Imperial, Crown Inn, Lewis Hotel.
Sunderland: The Regale, Boars Head.
Swansea: Half Way House, Ivy Bush.
Wallsend: The Stack, Wincombe Lee, Ship in the Hole.
West Hartlepool: The Devon.

Middle Trade

Genoa; Ginnies Bar, Black Cat.
Haifa - Israel; London Pride.
Lisbon: Texas Bar, Aztec Bar, Copenhagen Bar, (almost as much fun as Texas Bar).
Piraeus: Black Cat.
Vigo - Spain: Bar Commercio.

Deep Sea.

Antigua: Bruce's Bar.
Apapa - Nigeria: 21 and 22 Clubs.
Aruba: Charlie's Bar.
Auckland NZ: The Snake Pit, Ma Gleason's, The Akarana, Criteria.
Baltimore - U.S: The French Quarter.
Bangkok: Mosquito Bar, Venus Bar.
Bariso: The Welcome Bar.
Bluff NZ: The Bay View.
Buenos Aires: Old Texas Bar, May Sullivan's, 25 May, The New Inn,
The Lighthouse.
Calcutta: Isaiah's Bar.
Cape Town: Delmonicos, Navigators Den, Spurs.
Casablanca: Fanny's Hole.
Cochin India: Malabar Hotel.
Cristobal, Panama: Eden Bar, The Olympia Bar.
Curacao: The Campo.
Detroit: The Harbour Lights.
Dunedin NZ: The Gresham Hotel.
Durban: Pirates Den, Smugglers, Pussy Cat.
Fremantle: Sail & Anchor, Clancy's, Fast Eddie's, P&O, Cleo's.
Freetown - Sierra Leone: Mary’s Bar.
Halifax - N.S: The Split Crow.
Hobart -Tasmania: The Coronation.
Hong Kong: Henry’s Bar, Pier One Bar, Jimmy's Bar, Godown Bar, Waltzing Matilda, Suzi Wong Bar, China Fleet Club, Blue Peter Bar, Red Lion Bar, Bamboo bar, Seven Sisters Bar.
Itacoatiara: (Amazon): El Gato Negro Bar.
Keelung - Taiwan: Playboy Bar.
Kingston - Jamaica: Doris's Bar,
The Maple Leaf, The Bamboo Club.
Kobe - Japan: Clancy’s Bar, Honeymoon Bar, Mamma’s Bar, Adam & Eve, Kings Head.
La Ceiba - Honduras: Bamboo Bar, Grand Paris Hotel.
Las Palmas: El Bombin (The Bowler Hat).
Long Beach - California: Hollywood on the Pike, Panama Bar.
Los Angeles: Ports o' Call.
Lytellton - N.Z; The British.
Manila: Yellow Bar, Legaspi Bar.
Melbourne: Chloe's, Young & Jackson's Pub.
Moji - Japan; The Silver Bar.
Mombassa: The Sunshine Club, Rainbow Bar, Bristol Bar, New Florida, Bill Quinn's Phantom Inn.
Montevideo: Texas Bar, Ancla Bar, St. Pauli, Lighthouse Bar, New Lighthouse Bar, Bar Universal.
Montréal: The Neptune.
Mount Mangarui - N.Z: Patatutu Bar.
Nagoya - Japan: The Black Rose, Liverpool Bar.
Napier - NZ: The Yangtze Restaurant, The Cabana Hotel.
Nelson - NZ: Tasman Tavern, Royal Hotel.
Newcastle - OZ: Blue Peter.
New Orleans: Pat O'Brien’s, My Fathers Moustache.
New Plymouth - NZ: The Breakwater, White Horse.
Paranagua - Brazil: Seven Seas Ba.
Penang - Malaysia: Hong Kong Bar, City Lights, Piccadilly Bar, Mariners Club.
Port Alegre - Brazil: Cascalios Bar.
Port Elizabeth - S.A: Campinalles.
Port Harcourt - Nigeria: Blues Café.
Port Lincoln - NZ: Pier Hotel.
Port Stanley: Globe Hotel.
Port Sweattenham - Malaysia: Jungle Bar, Sea View Restaurant.
Pusan: Texas Street!.
Recife - Brazil: Tony’s Bar.
Rio De Janeiro: Florida Bar, The Help.
Rio Grande - Brazil: Atlantic Bar.
Salvador - Brazil: Lasquina De Sari.
Samoa - South Pacific: Aggie Greys.
Santos - Brazil: Scandinavia Bar, A B C Bar,
The Texas Bar. My Love My Love.
Savannah: Golden Bucket.
Shanghai: Friendship Club, Peoples Friendly Mission.
Singapore: Union Bar, Caveman Bar, Champagne Bar, Toby’s Paradise Bar, Ritz Bar, Anson Bar, Kangaroo Bar, Connell House, Cellar Bar, Jan's Café, Pink Pussycat.
St Johns - Newfoundland: The Crows Nest.
Suva - Fiji: Golden Dragon.
Sydney: Montgomery’s Hotel, The Mercantile Pub, Lord Nelson, Captain Cook, Glenmore, Piermont, Duke of Edinburgh.
Tahiti: Quinn's Bar.
Timaru - N.Z: Hibernian.
Toronto: New Windsor House.
Valparaiso: Scandinavia Bar.
Yokohama: Peanuts Bar, Loren Bar, Club Motomachi, Bar Mamma, Sakaba Club.
Zanzibar: Olando Bar.


News Date Jan 2010.....Article from 'NUMAST' / Telegraph.....Mike Pearce......
Mike Pearce was a cadet in LOF and became Master in the late 90's, although we have 'lost' contact, here is an article from Januarys publication...... lessons maybe to be learnt!



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