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News Date 24th December 2012     Merry Christmas - Many thanks


Thank you for all the Christmas greetings, cards and wishes received over the last few weeks, I have returned in many cases an e-card - which I appreciate is not quite the same, but like many - my mailing list is somewhat very large and with our UK Post Office upping the cost (Europe now costing £1:90) the need for a cutback is called for.

I am very grateful for the few sponsors I have to run and maintain this Website.

Connie and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.....

News Date 04th December 2012     John Clement (Ex Cat/Off)

John has produce a fantastic 'Memoirs' of his life and times with LOF  -  Memoirs of John Clement
This is in a 'Word' format at 13 Mb that needs to download (You do not have to save) it will take a while depending on your
Internet connection speed.

I/we eagerly await several other Ex LOF friends who are in the process of completing their own 'memories'
If you are considering a 'project' similar, you are welcome to use any material/photos from this website.
Please let me know if I can be of any assistance or help....

News Date 28th Nov 2012     David Macleod
Sad news that David Macleod has passed away. David attended the 2004 LOF Reunion travelling a vast distance from
Ellon in Aberdeenshire. If any further news I will post.....


News Date 22nd Nov 2012     Peter Garde - Gibbs & Co....
Browsing through the web I decided to look up some ex-employers from my seagoing past (1958 - 1984) and was surprised to find Gibbs of Newport. I was with them for 1 rather long voyage in 1959. I joined the 'M/V East Wales' (formerly the 'Empire Earl' built by Doxfords 1944 and latterly the 'Cressington Court' before being bought by Gibbs) on the 20th June 1959 as Catering Boy signing on in Amsterdam.
From there it was general cargo to the US, Port Everglades, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, Corpus Christie and then grain from there to Hamburg and then to Bremen/Bremerhaven (where I was made up to 2nd cook, 10/10/1959) to load general cargo for Canada/US Gt. Lakes Ports these being, Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Bay City, Chicago, Kenosha and back through the lakes with general cargo for the Persian Gulf.
On our way across the N. Atlantic in heavy fog we were passed by many of the N. Atlantic passenger liners of that time both coming and going as our top speed was about 9 or 10 knots. We arrived safely at Suez went through the canal and turned smart left for Aqaba, down to Djibouti and then on to Kuwait, Abadan and Khorramshar, we should have also gone to Basrah but there was a war on at the time!! and finished that run at Karachi.
Karachi to Marmagoa to load a cargo of iron ore for Yawata City, Japan calling at Paulobokum Malaysia for bunkers. After discharging the iron ore the hatches were cleaned out and on our way to Sydney the deck crowd constructed shifting boards and feeders for the grain we were going to load for Madras and Calcutta.

I was lucky to get a half day off in Sydney as it was my 19th birthday 31/03/60. We loaded the grain and after discharging in Calcutta ran lightship to a small port called Geraldton in W. Australia where we got the good news that the grain we were going to load there was destined for the UK where I paid off in Belfast on the 29/07/60.
According to my discharge book the Master was Capt. W. Patterson.
I joined the merchant navy and went to the pre-sea training school at Gravesend in Sept.1958, leaving there I joined the 'Esso Apalachee' a large coastal tanker and was on her for about a month or two, from there to PSNC and did a 2½ month trip on the 'S/S Pizarro', after that it was one trip on the 'Manchester Merchant' where I fell out with the Chef and was not invited back for a second trip.
Manchester Liners controlled the Manchester 'Pool', the (Shipping Federation) so for my sins I was sent to join a ship! The only clue I had was a rail ticket to London and the instruction to see the 'Feller' from the pool at Liverpool Street station continental booking hall at 9.00am the following morning' I turned up and met 3 fellows plus the pool man who gave us tickets for Amsterdam and told us to join the M.V. 'East Wales'  (see above) but didn't tell us how long the trip would be.
18 months later I reckon I had served my penance and went cap in hand to Manchester Liners Catering Supt., and was taken on as 2nd Cook.
I got my Chief cooks ticket in March 1964 and sailed as Chief cook up to my promotion in October 1973 to Catering Officer, all was well until the shipping industry went pear shaped in the late 70's early 80's and I did my duty as a responsible Merchant Navy Officer on the 22nd July 1981 with voluntary redundancy, took the money and ran.
Looking through my discharge books now, in my career I had 115 stamps in them from Manchester Liners and 7 from other companies.

I omitted to send details of the latter part of my seagoing career so hear goes:-
At the end of my leave after finishing with Manchester Liners I reported to the pool to take my chance on another ship or company, only to be told by the pool that I was redundant from them as well. Checking the small print revealed that I had accepted redundancy from the shipping federation and was no longer on their books and would have to look for non pool ships. After writing to a few ship management companies who I knew ran non pool ships and not getting any replies to my letters, I resigned myself to a ' life of Riley' which was fine for about 12 months when I received a phone call from a captain I had sailed with for years on Man Liners who at the time was in the States with another company. He explained that in speaking with someone over ships business, was asked if he knew of anyone suitable to run the Catering Dept., on a small Cruise Liner. He recommended me, so after a few phone calls and express mailings I finished up in 1983 in Miami as Catering Officer/Hotel Manager on a small cruise liner under the Panamanian flag being paid a lucrative US salary, plus the brown envelope from the main chandler every 2 weeks on stores day but "boy, did I have to earn my money". After 12 months I had had enough with no leave and decided to finish, despite the offer of 2 free cruises for my wife and family ( I just had to fly them to Miami) so I finished.
Back in the UK and back to sanity, I decided to finish with the sea and worked for a few months at the northern area HQ of a major British bank as their executive chef, while I looked around for secure gainful employment. This came in 1984 when I successfully got the position of 'Mayoral Officer' with my local council, an affluent borough in the south of the Greater Manchester conurbation, I held this position until my retirement.
Yours sincerely,
Peter G. F. Garde
News Date 05th Nov 2012     Jeanne Kirkham....
Had a chat with Jeanne yesterday, she is back in the UK and staying with her brother in the Manchester area.
She is undergoing Chemo and is quite positive about things in general. Her house in Brittany is mothballed for the time
being. I am grateful to Bernie Gill - who is now retired and walks his dog nearby where Jeanne is staying - so is keeping me up to date, as is John Peters who is also in contact regularly. John is recovering from 2 slipped discs, which he sustained whilst driving his 'tractor'.....
News Date 01st Nov 2012     Slow News of late....

I have been busy within my various 'Community' roles and am involved in a major enquiry into drugs within prisons.
Besides these 'commitments' I am back in a leg plaster - this is all the left over's from my unfortunate 'minor' accident in 2005. I've also got a 'wobble' which no one as yet can pin down..... as I quote - I am alright from the waist upwards....

So like many others I find it very frustrating not being able to do and carry out 'simple' things and jobs

News has been very slow of late and that's why no postings.

I did have an e-mail from Ex-C/Off Tim Dace who has at last been connected by BT in the wilds of Wales somewhere. Tim informs that he also is in remission from Cancer.
He seemed quite positive and I'll be asking him for a photo! as can't remember what he look like!

A bunch load of anniversaries and birthdays over the past month....

Rodman Tarbuck was 82
Trevor (TC) Swatton was 60
Roy G was 61
Annwen Lewis was 45
Brian Nicholls was 66

     Keith Cederholm @ 62                  Noris Jackson is 80                    R.G. not driving?

Now we need someone to 'find' Gordon Emmerson - Gordon would have been 94 a couple of weeks ago....
However, his telephone rings with no answer, my contact who lived nearby has unfortunately passed away.
Gordon lives in the East Herrington area of Sunderland - I need someone to find if he is still around!
Please contact me and I'll give the exact address.....

News Date 20th Sept 2012     Jean Kirkham..... see below...

Message received from Bernie Gill.... Jean has returned to the UK.  She is currently staying with Jack's brother and his wife in West Houghton, Bolton.  
She is receiving treatment for cancer at The Christie Cancer hospital in Manchester. However following an adverse reaction to "chemo" last week she was kept in. 
I live just round the corner and pass the house daily, when I walk my dog, and spoke to Jean last week just prior to her being admitted.  
I talk to Jack's brother and sister-in-law when I pass. Will send you more as and when I get it.


News Date 13th Sept 2012     Malcolm Waterfall (Ex Ch/Eng & Supt)
It is sad to report yet another Counties and LOF Engineer passing away.
 Malcolm Waterfall was 93 years old and he and his wife lived in sheltered
 accommodation in Bridport Dorset.

 I am grateful to Norris Jackson who passed this information onto me this morning.

 Malcolm passed away on 02nd September.

Here are a couple of cuttings taken from the printed versions of the LOF News.....





If you would like to see these articles better, then go to LOF News 1971 -1984    on the top menu bar
LOF News 16E & LOF News 22F


News Date 13th Sept 2012     John Richardson.... Ex Counties.

Just to reaffirm that I am most appreciative of your effort in making the LOF NEWS website as meaningful as it is.

Just a pity that we are all getting so b……y OLD! I shall turn 82 in a few days time!

I recently completed a book which tells the story of my first 10 years at sea in the Merchant Navy, starting with my apprenticeship with Counties in May 1947, up to the time that I had passed for Master and decided to relocate to Cape Town early in 1957. I have based it on the numerous letters that I sent to my parents while I traveled the world with Counties and thereafter Nourse Line and later Bullard King (Natal Line). It gives quite a vivid account of life with Counties from 1947 – 51!!!

I have not published it officially but thanks to a write up in the local Cape Times by its Shipping writer it seems to have stimulated quite a bit of interest!

If you would like a complimentary copy I would be pleased to send you one.

I still correspond regularly with Geoff Baskerville with whom I shared a cabin on the good ship Stamford Hill!

With kind regards and best wishes.


News Date 17th August 2012    From Allen Mustard...

My dad was an Electrician on the following ships and was wondering if you were on any of these ships at those times or can put me in touch with anyone who was. many thanks.

London Citizen 01.03.66 - 21.12.66
London Confidence 11.03.67 - 26.7.67
London Confidence 27.07.67 - 30.08.67
Overseas Discoverer 16.11.67 - 12.12.67
Overseas Discoverer 13.12.67 - 09.06.68

If you sailed with Mr. Mustard Snr, please make contact with Allen .... allen.mustard@gmail.com
News Date 25th July 2012     Jean Kirkham
Our thanks to John Peters who called me last night....

     Our friend Jean (wife of Ex Ch/Eng Jack) is in hospital near her home in 
     France. She is undergoing tests etc.

     I will find out more today, in the meantime we wish her well.


News Date 24th July 2012     Reminisces from Dave Meare on Tony Baldwin (See below)

I remember Tony well as he was on the Tradition when a bunch of us, including wee Donald,  joined her at Gib just before Xmas in 1965. He was with his wife Hanne. We had  a pretty rough January in Novorossiysk discharging grain. We’d arrived with low stocks of food and the Russians hadn’t got any to spare. I recall one night the evening menu contained the notable item , “Half Sardine on Toast”.


Mid-ships was mostly a hard place to live. After a few freezing cold days there, a couple of us thought we could smell toast and tried unsuccessfully to locate the source. The next day the heating for most of the accommodation stopped working, it had been the motor driving the blowers that had been toasted. The bridge deck had a different blower motor and was business as usual but the rest of the accommodation was not a comfortable place.

     Tony Baldwin on London Tradition, emptying ballast off the I.O.W.
     February 1966


     I think Tony probably left us when we dry docked in Falmouth early in 1966. 

     I think it was at Falmouth that Maisie joined Donald. She was a love.
     “Donald.  That’s no way to talk to the young man.”





News Date 24th July 2012     John (Jack) Bell....
I would like to say hello , I am Jack Bell who sailed with LOF from 1967 until 1979, from 5th/Eng to 3rd/Eng.
News Date 23rd July 2012     A photo of Bill Dunn... as 2ndEng

Thanks to Eric Drinkwater for the photo below....

     L-R 4th/Eng Unknown
            2nd/Eng Bill Dunn
            3rd/Eng Jim Quinn
            4th/Eng Brian Ashby



     Taken on 'Overseas Discoverer' - 1968




News Date 17th July 2012     Happy Birthday....

     Irene Gillie.....


News Date 16th July 2012     Tony Baldwin..... (Ex Ch/Off)
I sailed with Loftanks from 1962 until 1968 as Chief Officer on various vessels and coming across your website has rekindled many memories from long ago. Most of them pleasant. CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done and if any old shipmates are out there in the world wide web I would be pleased to hear from them.

I served my apprenticeship with Eagle Oil and Shipping Co,  joining the 'San Leonardo' in Birkenhead as a Cadet on a cold November night in 1950! 
The company was taken over by Shell Tankers in 1962, the year in which I obtained my Master's Ticket.  Finding the Shell rules and regs a little overpowering I then joined LOF, which was much more to my liking - very similar to Eagle Oil in its culture. The Masters I sailed with in LOF are much clearer in my memory than the ships! Geoffrey Knight stands out - a strange mixture. He would always insist on maximum cargoes to be carried, sometimes bending the rules!  I recall loading a grain cargo when he insisted on filling the fore hold.  As a consequence we arrived at our discharge port well down by the head but with maximum revenue earned!  On entering Russian ports in the Black Sea he always played Frank Sinatra records over the bridge speakers - much to their amazement. He spoke with a broad West Country accent I remember.
Donald Muir was another Master, who tragically lost his life in a gale when anchored outside Genoa.
Ironically Donald was always proud of the provisions he had made for his retirement, but he was never to enjoy them.
Last of the trio was Capt Osborne;  I was Chief Officer when he fell off the boat deck one night while in the Red Sea. I sent out a message reporting his disappearance asking vessels to keep a watch for him.  Amazingly he was sighted by a German Shell tanker, picked up and arrived in Suez before us!  The company hastily brought him home. The German captain's message had read  'Have your Captain on board, he is fit and well and his false teeth are in the pocket of his shorts!'
On leaving the Merchant Navy I purchased a newsagents in Reading, which was eventually re-developed by the local council.  After a few years of early mornings I suffered a mini stroke at the age of 63, whereupon I retired to a life of leisure.  I am now 78 and in good health as far as I know.  I will forward a recent photo once I have worked out the technologies involved!!
Good luck to you in your endeavours to create a record of a very relaxed and happy period in the Merchant Navy.
Tony Baldwin (Baldy)

News Date 11th July 2012     John Blamires.....(Ex 2nd/Off - Ch/Off)

John sent me this picture, earlier this year, although
         I've tried to track the vessel down.... no success so
         far? - John was off Tuzla, a shipyard port about 15
         miles SE of Istanbul as the crow flies.
         What do you make of the attached, it looks very
         much like an old B26, has Mavroleon/Kulukundis
         set up shop again?

We had a photo a couple of years ago from Ex
          2nd/Eng Don Dunlop when he was carrying out
          survey work of a R&K Bulk Carrier....

         Anyone know this vessel?
         (John was last sailing with RFA)
News Date 11th July 2012     In Memoriam....


           Our good friend - Tom March





News Date 10th July 2012     Bob Stinchcombe.... Ex Ch/Eng.
Good to hear from Bob, he and Margaret are keeping as well as possible, Bob managing the odd 10 hole round of Golf, and still managing a monumental flight of steps to their house. He tells me that Mick & Gwyn Howells are well, Mick also playing golf and recently up against Bill McGuire (Ex Superintendent). Also fairly well Di & Rita Walker, who Bob & Margaret see regularly. In touch recently was Gordon Laxarus....(Ex Cat/Off), who has lost sight in one eye and not too good in the other...Gordon is doing a sponsored 'Skydive' on the 28th July for charity....

      Gordon was a big party fan..... but of course could back fire!


       A 'Blue' - True Story if you haven't already had a look......

News Date 03rd July 2012     Counties... 'Mill Hill'
My father Robert Ernest Hultgren was Chief Eng on board the 'Mill Hill' from 1947 t0 1949 it returned to London via Hull after spending 2 years away sailing between Australia and New Zealand. The ship was unable to enter the Port of London because of a dock strike and lay off Southend for a month if my memory is correct I was aged 7years and I spent wonderful month on board.
LOF is a great site. I was delighted to see my father on the London Enterprise in the film Tankers Galore.
Regards Margaret Wardell.
News Date 01st July 2012    Jeremy Slatford (Ex 3/O - 2/O)

Hi Roy,
I have just checked out your LOF website - congratulations!  You probably will not remember me after so many years but I sailed with you on a number of occasions, as 3rd. mate, 2nd, mate and mate. I left LOF in 1981 when they got rid of their general cargo fleet and emigrated to South Africa.. I am now retired and living in the Philippines. Do you have any news of Roger Turnbull (ex C/O)?
Best regards,
Jeremy Slatford

News Date 01st July 2012     Elizabeth Corkish (Primrose Hill)
My mother died recently she always told use the story of her bother Charles Robertson being torpedo while he was in the Merchant Navy.
I have found the one sheet of the logbook from 29/10/42 to 31/10/42 the story didn't end so I decide to have on internet an came across your page. This is amazing story

Paul Wray (Ex Elect/Off)
I stumbled on your website and had a heck of a memory burst seeing some of the names of people I knew and knew of during the short time I was employed by that great outfit LOF.
I sailed on the 'London Prestige' in 1971, then 'London Banker', and, finally, 'London Pioneer' in 1973. I sailed as Electrician on these ships. To name names as far as I recall: 'London Prestige':- Capts Stan Dickson and then Jim McNaughton, C/O Eddie Humby, 2/O Peter (Idris) Roberts, 3/O "Rufus" Fewster, Cdt Phil Caddy, Cdt Martin Webber. R/O Ben Killeen (the inimitable Ben!) Cat Offs Ray Humble and Ken Oakley. C/Es Arthur Carey and Dave Kirkpatrick, 2/Es Peter Hopper and Brian Blackshaw, 3/Es Alan Johnson and Bill Stone, 4/Es Bill Millard and Lenny Phillips. J/Es Cliff 'Yorkie' Hudson, Dick Orton and Alan Jones.

'London Banker': Capt E Humby, C/O Gordon Cunningham, 2/O Peter Lee, 3/O Phil Thompson (sorry to have heard of his passing away) Cadets Chris Chapman, Colin Archer and A Hilliard. R/O Jim McCabe, Cat Off John Clements, C/E John McLeish, 2/E Gordon Emmerson, 3/E John Ireland and Bob Allen, 4/E Brian Constable and Alec Priestley J/Es were John
Shepherd and Chris Freeman.

'London Pioneer': Capt. McNab and Roy 'North-about' Nelson, C/O Carney Davidson. (2/Os & 3/Os names escape me) R/O Eric Fisher (I think) and Charlie Stewart. Cat Off  Paul Cartwright. Cadets Nigel Reykebusch and Graham? Cousins C/E Oliver Hedley, 2/E Jack Metcalfe and Richard Hagger 3/E Bill Martin, 4/E Mel Knibbs. J/Es Tom MacAlpine, Chris Stringham, Alfie Burgess.

I am still sailing. For the last several years I have been employed as ETO on the Irish National Research Vessel  'Celtic Explorer' carrying out all manner of interesting oceanographic and Marine biological work.
I went ashore for a while after leaving LOF, but returned to sea after a year or so. I have to say that LOF was a great company to work for, probably the best, and I frequently harboured some regrets about leaving when I did, but hey, you couldn't put old heads on young shoulders then any more than you can today!
Home these days is a 26.5m long Dutch barge in the Loire Valley in France with my wife Karen.

If anyone out there remembers me, I would like to extend my warmest regards. As is evidenced from my recollection of names above - they were right out of my head, by the way - I have vivid memories of the good old days with you. Good luck and best regards wherever you are!

Paul Wray

News Date 30th June 2012...
     Adrian Latham....57
     Alec Priestley..... 79
     Alistair Roaf.....    43

Coming up during July ....  Godfrey Nash.... 64
                                                   Mogsy Caffery.. 65
                                                   Dave Vincent.... 75


News Date 25th May 2012..... Remember the 'Rail Warrant' -

I found this disused Rail Warrant signed by our
  Personnel Manager Michael Cuff dated 31st July

It was not used as the following day I and about 80%
  were all made redundant (I had volunteered).

Rail Warrants were the preferred means of getting all
  seafarers to a port of joining and in some cases
  leaving ships. Many seafarers worked through a
  shipping pool or a Radio Company, and these
  seafarers found some difficulty in getting their
  expenses reimbursed - so the Rail Warrant.

Of course air travel did not become popular and cheap until the late 70's, many LOF personnel travelled some distance by rail, whilst tankers were being converted in La Spezia Italy there was a steady stream travelling to and fro by rail.
Whilst vessels were laid up in Greece, some (not many) opted to travel by rail rather than by air.
News Date 23rd May 2012     In Memoriam.

Andrew Gillie -
Sadly passed away on this date in 2007

News Date 23rd May 2012     Birthday Greetings....

Bryan Watkins
(Still sailing as Master) who will be 58
Barry Moore      (Last heard out in Philippines) who will be 71
Michael Ward   (Still sailing) who will be 53

News Date 23rd May 2012..... Jim Domleo (Ex 3rd/Off Counties) - Another one found!.
Hi, I came across your website
I was 3rd mate on the 'Woldingham Hill' for about 6 months in 1959 .We did a whole season travelling up and down the newly opened St Lawrence seaway from Montreal to Lake Superior. The Masters name was Gibson.
Jim Domleo

ps if any ex counties would like to contact Jim, please contact me....

News Date 23rd May 2012..... William (Bill) Dunn (Ex Ch/Eng)
I am just writing to compliment you on the LOF website.
My father was a Chief Engineer ( William James Dunn -Bill ) with LOF for many years. He sadly passed away in 1993 whilst at sea. I looked through the site and looked at photos of the 'London Glory' and 'Enterprise', ships that he no doubt kept running on a daily basis.
In fact I can remember as a child being in Sweden whilst the 'London Enterprise' was being built and my father was standing by as they called it.  
The names of the officers who my father sailed with have long faded,  but I'm sure he was held in high respect, and after being made redundant in the late 80s  I'm sure he missed the company and the men he sailed with. 
Keep up the good work.

Kind regards
Pete Dunn
I'm an engineer for Fly-be and although I didn't follow his footsteps and go to sea, I did follow him into engineering of which I'm sure he'd approve. 


News Date 04th May 2012

 Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Happy Birthday Gif.GIF                               A Happy Birthday Dave Blackshaw who will be 46



In Memoriam….. Our fiend Jack Kirkham
who sadly passed away in 2005
To all those who sadly lost their lives on the London Valour 09th April 1970

News Date 31st March 2012
Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Happy Birthday Gif.GIF  

                                   A Happy Birthday - Dave Corbin (Ex R/O)

In Memoriam.....    John Dunsmore -
sadly passed away April 09th 2010 - RIP

News Date 18th March 2012    LOF News - Needs Your News.....

Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\200K+.gif  200,000+ Hits on this small website is some achievement - believe me.....

It needs all the support we can muster, - around 120 to 150 people a day look at this site - looking for up to date news of their shipmates/acquaintances/BOT friends and research.

I can not 'look' constantly for news - YOU have to give it to me!!!!!

As always I thank those who kindly 'sponsor' this website.

Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Happy Birthday Gif.GIFA very Happy    A Happy Birthday this week to Alan Sinclair,

Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Alan S & RG 2012.jpg



Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Happy Birthday Gif.GIFA Very Happy 60th Birthday to Captain Bob Fullagar.....Still Sailing.....


Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Bob Fullagar 1997.jpg


News Date 14th Feb 2012     Some fantastic success.....

I am the daughter of the Captain of 'Primrose Hill’, Maxwell Mackenzie. Through your website last year, I had an email from the son of Captain Foulkes who rescued my father who had been in the lifeboats for 10 days then last month I had another email from Captain Foulkes's grand daughter who moved from the UK to the US 2 years ago and actually lives 20 minutes away from me!! Natalie Hopper and her family came to visit us today and we exchanged photos and documents from the war - it was unbelievable - she had a copy of the crew list from the 'Primrose Hill' , then I produced the one I had! We looked at photos of her grandfather and my father and wondered what they spoke about, discussed and planned - sadly, we will never know!! To this day, I have no idea how my father got back from Freetown to the UK.

None of this would have happened if it was not for your website, so thank you!! Captain Foulkes and my dad had a connection at our meeting today!!

Maisie Tucker (Nee Mackenzie)

News Date 14th Feb 2012      Roy & Connie Gerstner.... still on our travels....
A short transit in Kuala Lumpur to see our relations onto the South Island of New Zealand for a month, a fantastic 5,000 km
road tour, the NZ weather could have been a 'bit' better....I was very much hoping to meet up with an Ex LOF Electrician -
Boyd Guard would lives North of Christchurch, but unfortunately a few days before the planned meeting he was taken to hospital with 'Legionnaires' so we missed each other, he is now out and back to his home in Greta Valley - hopefully making a full recovery. Remember drink 'Whisky' not water?.

Ed Higgins......
I found your website when passing a slack afternoon in the offices of BP Angola. It is a tribute to all the folk who sailed with this once proud shipping company.

I began my cadetship in Sept 1973, firstly attending the 'Worcester' at Greenhithe and thereafter joining the following ships;-

'London Harmony'     Nov 73 till May 74. Capt. TS Nurcombe
'London Statesman'  May 74 till Sept 74. Capt. R. Tarbuck
'London Cavalier'.     Mar 75 till Nov 75.  Capt. O Connor
'London Bombardier' Nov 75 till Apr 76.  Capt. Cornish  oh! And Screaming Bill Jaeger
'Shackleford'.            June 76 till Sep 76. Capt. J. Clarke

Thereafter, back to MNC Greenhithe for  2nd Mates etc.

Unfortunately, there were no 3rd Mates jobs going in April 1977, so I left and began sailing with Cunard.

My fellow cadet and then Best Man - Phil Dutton (LOF 73-78) is living and teaching in Wellington NZ - St. Patricks School
I believe.

Yes, I'm gainfully employed with oil majors - just completed 6 years with ExxonMobil working on  Projects. Since earlier this month I've jumped ship and now with BP Angola working as Terminal Supt. Deep Water Operations. Not as cut and thrust as Project Installation but the money is good, allowing me to save up for a retirement at some point in the next 5-8 years.

By the way, I'm 55 years old.

Regards.... Ed

News Date 05th Jan 2012     Good News....

Good to hear from our good friend Bob Stinchcombe, who informs me that all is well is South Wales. He and Margaret are
keeping well, as are Di & Rita Walker. Mick & Gwyn Howells have just joined a cruise in Chile and sail around to Brazil.
Bill McGuire is keeping well. Bob & Margaret had a meet up with ex Engineer Peter Napier recently, who has now retired.

Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Happy Birthday Gif.GIF
 Happy Birthday      Bruce Thomas

News Date 02nd Jan 2012      Happy Birthday Jean Kirkham                                  

A very Happy Birthday to our friend Jean, who still lives in her nice home in Bretagne
France, she and Jack settled in the late 90's and enjoyed some years in retirement.
Our good friend Jack passed away in 2005

Short news only from Jean this last Christmas, and I presume all is well.
Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\RoyGerstner\Documents\My Docs\My Web Sites\Photosfolder\LatestNewsPictures\LNPics2012\Jean K.JPG









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