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News Date 23rd Dec 2013     Last News this Year....

Snippets from Christmas Cards.....

Bobby Fullagar... (Ex Nav Cadet - Master)    Bobby is Still sailing both he and wife Elsie, have passed their retirement ages...but
enjoy what they do....Bobby is taking on a slight back seat and training new Masters?

Bryn Watkins.....(Ex 3rd Off - Master)     More or less same age as Bobby above, has at long last decided to retire to his Country Gentleman's life.

Dennis Jakobaufderstroht..... (Ex Rad/Off - E&EO)  Dennis also retired this year.

Ben Killeen..... (Ex Rad/Off)    Still managing to raise a glass of his favourite tipple 'Scotch Whisky"? Ben will be 91 in January.

David March..... (Eng Cadet)     David son of Late Tommy March and Mum Barbara.... has a son of his own now, I understand he
still sails with BP. Barbara must be very proud.

Lots of others, everyone seems in pretty good shape - lets hope it continues.....


News Date 22nd Dec 2013    Epilogue 2013

Just remembering the many friends, acquaintances over they years brought back a happy memory of 'Polly Morton' after
John Clements story of 'Polly' and his wife's ashes. Connie and I was on a long weekend away near Bournemouth in 2006 -
when Polly's address was nearby, I gave him a call, he was so glad to see us, I had only sailed with him very briefly.... about 4
hours later we left with a mirage of the history of his extremely interesting sea-going life.

He was well into his 80's and serious health issues - the locals moved their cars off the road when he went to his local Tesco and Betting Shop at 11:00am each day, he regularly knocked off dozens of Wing Mirrors from nearby parked cars....it got so bad, that his Insurance company wouldn't insure him anymore?..... sadly he died a few years ago....stories? Ed knew how to tell them?

News Date 17th Dec 2013    Mores Sad News.....
Heard that Dave Vincent who sailed as 2nd Mate on :-
'London Harmony' Nov. 1961 to June 1962
'London Valour' Sept. 1962 to March 1963
'London Prestige' July 1963 to Jan. 1964
'Overseas Adventurer' June 1964 to Nov. 1964
'London Spirit' Dec. 1964 to May 1965 

Died on 12th October from Hodgkins Lymphoma Sadly another one who has crossed the bar.
kind regards
Ken Dagnall
News Date 16th Dec 2013     New Message board is alive up & running

Okay - there has been a lot of thought and work put into this message board - sorry but with the amount of 'spam & virus' around,
simple websites like ours are very easy picking for those idiots who think this is a game. So now once you are registered and
create your own password - away you can go....

If you think there needs to be further headlines/topics then please let me know....
Be interesting to see who? registers first....

Roy G.....

News Date 13th Dec 2013    Sad News - Tom Eden (Ex Catering Officer)
Heard today the Tom Eden had passed away, no other details at this time.

Tom must have been in his 80's, I sailed with him around 1984 on the 'Overseas Argonaut' he had his wife 'Sheila' with him, we were loading a cargo in the 'Bonny River/Nigeria' just before Christmas. Just after leaving the coast and entering the Atlantic, she suffered what appeared to be a 'Stroke' - the LOF Office was closed and communications was poor to say the least.... we couldn't turn back towards Dakar...so Ed Kemp the Master decided we would go full belt towards the Caribbean...

I was in contact with the American Coast Guard Station at San Juan/NMR (This was after the  time that the Americans had invaded Grenada - 1983) and it was extremely sensitive for the Americans to Fly over other Caribbean Islands? - but they did....even then in an emergency, they re-fuelled a massif helicopter twice to come around 600 miles out in the Atlantic, put Para-medics onboard who quickly decided 'Sheila' was in a very poor way. Within about 40 mins with the helicopter cruising around and big fixed wing aircraft high above - they decided to take Tommy and Sheila off.....We were informed the next day that Sheila had unfortunately died in the Military Hospital. That was the last time we heard from Tom. Unless you have had contact with him..... please let me know.....  (R.G.)....   Contact Me

News Date 13th Dec 2013     'A Nice! - Story by John Clement.....
While Catering Officer on the 'London Resolution' (1976). I had quickly developed a good relationship with the Chief Engineer,
Ed Morton (known as Polly). When I joined the ship we had just had a crew change and one of my jobs was to allocate the new Stewards to various officers, starting with the Captain's Steward. Naturally I wanted the best ones possible for the senior officers so, when it came to the Chief I decided on the ideal man for him and duly appointed him.
All went well for a while but one evening when I was in the Chief's cabin having a drink with him I asked him how his Steward was performing. Ed Morton smiled and then told me the story…

Apparently the Steward was tidying up his accommodation early one morning when we were at sea, came upon a container which had quite a lot of cigarette ash in it and dumped the contents over the side before cleaning the container and replacing it neatly in the Chief's cabin.
To my horror the Chief then told me that the container was in fact an urn containing his late wife's ashes - he had been taking this urn to sea ever since her funeral, but had never had the guts to actually sprinkle his wife's ashes over the sea, as she had requested...
The Steward had done it for him!
(Ed Morton had a good laugh about this in the end though!)
Thanks John
News Date 13th Dec 2013     A Merry Christmas to All our LOF Friends and Colleagues.


We have lost a few good friends again this year - some I managed to visit and was very humbled in their friendship to Connie and myself.

We've had some good highlights.... especially seeing some really good LOF friends, Margaret and Bob Stinchcombe, Norman Neil,
90 year old Ben Killeen along with his very welcoming family. Roger and Lindsay Bancroft.

Its been a 'challenging year' here, with the departure of my 88 year old father and my own ongoing mobility issues - lost count of the number of times we've been to appointments at doctors and hospitals.....but as I say to those who ask.....I am alright from the waist up?

So as we approach a New year, the website is only as good as the input you put into it - if news is a bit slow, sometimes I 'scratch' around and look for some, but being also busy within my local community - time is sometime at a 'premium' - and 'she' who must be obeyed needs my attention 'some' of the time.

With the passing away of my father we will be going away for Christmas & New Year (Sunshine) - and we're back for a short while -
then away to Thailand and Malaysia for an extended time.....If any news comes my way, I have the capacity to update this website....as
long as we have an internet connection.

Finally, thanks to you who again have helped me financially to support this LOF News Website.... all contributions are held in a separate Bank account, and as you know - when one of our friends pass on - I normally arrange a LOF Anchor Wreath on or behalf.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas - A Healthy and prosperous New Year....

Roy & Connie.....



                   R & C - P&O Arcadia 2013                                                                       My Dad & Me 2012


News Date 13th Dec 2013     Latest News.....

There will be a new message-board very shortly, we are still experimenting, this one may need registration as maybe some of you know, Websites/Web editors get a vast amount of spam and junk mail coming through - irrespective of filters etc....wait a little longer ...

News has been scarce up unit the Christmas cards arrive, even then not much 'New' news to speak....

Happy Birthday....

  Charlie Stuart -
Who will be 64 today....haven't heard from Charlie for a long-long time.

  When I worked for the DTI, we had a job up near Peterhead - where Charlie lives, I happened to
  have a 'spare' bottle of 'Four Bells Rum' which I took up to him as it was one of his favourite

News Date 16th Nov 2013     Issues with Message Board....

Yes I am aware of the problem, which is at the web server end and we are working on it.....
It 'appears' the web provider is no longer supporting this page and we are looking into an alternative...


News Date 01st Nov 2013     John Merrington.....
Re Chat on message board... I have spoken this morning to John Ireland (he is 74 and 2 knee replacements) and unfortunately
John Merrington has gone off his Radar.. and lost touch when he left LOF...maybe someone else knows where John M is?

News Date 01st Nov 2013     Frank Walmsley.....
My thanks to Martin Higham who posted on the message board a couple days ago...
Here are some photos he sent....



News Date 29th Oct 2013     Anyone know Trevor Higginson ?

I am the widow of the above and am seeking information about my husband's service with LOF from 1968 to 1973. 
He was a second engineer, I believe, and at the time was married to Maureen and has 2 children Gwenyth and Adrian.
Trevor was born in Plymouth in 1945.
Trevor sadly passed away on 13 December 2013 after many years of poor health but he loved talking about his years at sea.
He used to relate the tales of mischief he used to get up to with his pal Tommy, who had ginger hair and came from the Newcastle

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I try to gather an archive for his children. Trev married 4 times.
I was his 4th and final wife.  But over time his paperwork and photos were lost due to numerous house moves.

Many thanks

Dianne Higginson

Contact Me

News Date 09th Oct 2013     Looking for a Relative ? Dudley Pearce (1958?)

I found your website whilst looking for anything I could find on the LOF Oil tanker “The London Resolution”.  It was most interesting.
A relative of mine visited Australia in 1958, docking in Melbourne, Victoria.  I think he was the Captain, but could be wrong.  His name was Dudley and I think the surname was Pearce.  He was from Scotland I think.  We called him Uncle Dudley.
I am trying to track him down or members of his family.
Can you suggest where I might find a list of sailors on the ship, or where I could go to find more info.
Many thanks
Isabel Flynn

So Guys anyone got info on this Gent.....
Anyone know 'where' the records went from the General Council of British Shipping in Cardiff - they were 'donated somewhere' a few
years ago - again info appreciated....Contact Me

News Date 03rd Oct 2013     Peter Bryant.....
I started service with LOF in December 1964 when I joined the London Harmony at Thames Haven.  Having encountered and seen through the mutiny of the Chinese crew I carried on for another nine happy months with an Indian crew.  During this time we visited ports in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Europe.
In November 1965 I joined the London Banker in Houston Texas where we took on rice as a gift to the Vietnamese people and discharged it to North and South Viet Nam. After that we dry docked in Japan, loaded a ship full of various goods (as seen on the stowage plan) and took them back to Canada and cities in the Great Lakes.  I flew home from Chicago.  This was also a nine month trip.
Lastly, I joined the Overseas Adventurer in Bombay sometime in mid 1966 (checking dates) went to Singapore, and continued our return trip to Europe via many ports around the East and West African coastline.  Again this was a nine month trip dis-embarking in Denmark in 1967.  


After my LOF days, I joined the Metropolitan Police as a Police Constable.  I worked in West London for two years.  After that,  I joined Shell International and work in their Head Office for 28 years.  At the grand old of age of 50 I decided I needed to work in a 'worthwhile profession' and joined Kent County Council helping people with disabilities gain employment.  

I retired two years ago at the age of 64.




News Date 03rd Oct 2013     Update....
There really hasn't been a lot of contact over the last couple of months..... I am very busy with my Councillor work on major 'planning' issues with have in our small town. I am back and forth to hospital almost weekly, and at the doctors pretty regularly as well.
My mobility is getting poor, and the consultant has told me that if he carries out an operation on my leg/ankle, there is a 40% chance of my loosing my leg? - plus we are still trying to clear up my late fathers affairs, plus major renovations going on in our little bungalow?
News Date 09th August 2013     Apologies....
Besides being away recently, my fathers affairs to sort and my own regular visit to the doctors or hospital, I have 'missed; some of our
good friends 'anniversaries.....

Tom March         Passed away 11/08/2007
Jean Kirkham    Memorial @ her funeral


News Date 30th July 2013     News from Australia via Rita Walker
Gi’day as they say in Oz
Bob ‘Black Bart’ Turner was my Junior on The London Explorer when I was 4th Engineer way back in 1973.
The trip ended for me when I burned my feet and legs in Bombay and was sent off to a Bombay hospital. The experience
is something I should write a book about, I still have the nightmares!
I hadn’t seen Bob for 40 years. He just rung me from Melbourne a couple of weeks ago saying he was coming to Perth so
we got together for a chat and a couple of beers. It was great seeing him again.
When I rolled up to meet him I was looking for a guy with lots of hair and a big bushy beard, not the case! I think we have both
changed a little bit over the years.
Bob must have sent the tale back to his old local paper in Barrow in Furnace. Anyway see the link below for the story and a couple of photos.
Campbell (Dobie)

Bob Turner, now living in Melbourne, was reading through a website for the now defunct shipping company he worked for
in the 1970s. He came across the name of an engineer he worked with on the SS London Explorer.

The last time he saw Scotsman Campbell Dobie was while berthed in Bombay. A nasty accident saw Campbell badly scald
his leg. Bob helped him out of the engine room and gave him some basic first aid until the ambulance arrived.

They then lost contact until Bob’s exploration of the web site for former employers, London and Overseas Freighters.
The site revealed that Mr Dobie had worked in Western Australia.

Bob had already made arrangements to attend the wedding of fellow Barrovian and Vickers Rugby Union Club team mate
Ged Oxley. While making arrangements for the trip to Perth, he found a C Dobie with an address in Perth.

A Check of the Perth phone book produced a number and Mr Dobie received a surprise when asked if he was the same man
who went off to a Bombay hospital in 1973. The old shipmates met and re-lived old times and among other things, Bob finally learned that Mr Dobie had been in hospital for some days after the accident.

Mr Turner moved to Australia in 1976 and is now enjoying retirement as is Mr Dobie – who continued his career as a
chief engineer and eventually supervisor before also moving to Australia in 1984.



News Date 02nd July 2013     A trip to Ireland.....
After 3 recent deaths, friends and family including my 88 year old Dad, I needed to pay our respects to a good friend of ours Maurice Gamble, although not a LOF employee, I have known Maurice and Wendy for over 30 years, Maurice and I sailed together on Cruise ships.. Maurice died of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) a not very pleasant way to go at only 60 years old.

 Whilst in Northern Ireland I caught up with Ex Elect/Off Norman Neil,
 Norman is keeping very well and keeps fit by walking his (2) dogs.

 Unfortunately wife Valerie is in a nursing home..... many thanks Norman
 for the visit....



(l) Norman N.... 70 years Young.... (r) R.G. 61 years Young.

  After visiting the Bushmills Whiskey factory, we paid a pre-arranged visit on our
  journey to the south with our good friend.....
  Ben & Madeleine Killeen....
Ex Radio Officer....Ben went to the Dublin Radio College
  in1941aged 18, passed his 2nd Class Radio-telegraphy certificate in 1942 and had to
  wait 11 months to join Marconi in 1943 (Eire was deemed neutral).
  He had 13 years with Marconi. LOF decided in around 1957 to employ their own R/O's
  and Ben transferred over. He obtained his 1st Class certificate in 1965 and his BOT
  Radar certificate in 1968

  He sailed with LOF for 24 years until 1983 when he retired aged 60.
  Now aged a ripe 90 years old, his eyesight is beginning to go, along with his hearing.
  He 'walks' with his own hand-crafted stick.

  He has recently stopped driving. He and Madeleine have 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls.

  No longer fishing but enjoys an afternoon 'Scotch and water'

                     Ben K in 1943

Ben was so 'excited' of our visit he got up at 4am and got dressed ready for our visit.
A fantastic afternoon with a real character....



News Date 01st June 2013   Thanks to Bernie Gill....
Jean's funeral service was well attended with aprox 40 persons present. The closing piece of music was the same as chosen at the
end of Jack's funeral, for continuity.
Jean's ashes will be taken to France where, following a small ceremony, they will be scattered at the same location as Jack's.

ps....I have sent a cheque to Mr K Battersby on behalf of LOF News.... (R.G.)

News Date 29th May 2013     Jean Kirkham RIP

I don't think I will be able to attend as my own father passed away on Saturday and am tied up with his affairs.

I will make a donation to Bolton Hospice on behalf of LOF News from our fund for these events.....

Family flowers only. Donations 'in lieu' to:-
Bolton Hospice, Queens Park Street, Off Chorley New Road, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 4QT
However donations can be sent via Jean's brother and sister-in-law ( Keith and Freda) as:-
Mr & Mrs K. Battersby, 461 Bolton Road, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3BJ.

Jeans funeral arrangements are :

 Friday 31st May @ 10:30

 West Chapel

 Overdale Crematorium
 Chorley New Road
 BL1 5BU


News Date 01st May 2013     Jean Kirkham
Jean unfortunately is back in hospital after having had a fall.
Today is the anniversary of the passing away of Jack Kirkham in 2005
News Date 28th April 2013 Good to meet up with Mr & Mrs S.....






Really good to meet up with Bob & Margaret Stinchcombe, whilst we were holidaying in the Swansea area.
Both octogenarians are looking remarkable good considering both having been in and out of hospital regularly.
Bob remarkably fit, Margaret also very well indeed.
Good to see both of them....


News Date 16th April 2013   


A nice picture of the 'Overseas Courier' from Tony Tucker - The 'Courier' was acquired in 1960 and sold in 1969

News Date 16th April 2013     Robert Kitchener

  Happy Birthday Bob......


News Date 15th April 2013     David (Di) Walker (2nd Eng

  It is with great sadness and regret to inform the death of Dave Walker.
  He passed away about 10 days ago and his funeral was held on Friday
 12th April. I was not informed of this until today 15th.....Our belated
  condolences to wife Rita.

  I understand that Ex LOF 3rd Eng Tony Tierney attended the funeral.
  Bob & Margaret Stinchcombe who were close friends were away on
  holiday in Tenerife and were not informed until quite late on.

  Dave Walker sailed for many years as 2nd Eng on the VLCC 'London


News Date 12th April 2013     Greetings from Harrogate.....

 Many thanks to Roger and Lindsay, for a very pleasant few hours
 catch up, whilst we were having a weekend break in the Harrogate
 area last week....  

 Both Lindsay and Roger are keeping well and are looking forward to
 their holidays to Western Canada/Vancouver Island later this year.

 Roger and I sailed together 39 years ago (Seems like yesterday)
 on the 'London Bombardier' on a fantastic voyage out to Tahiti and
 New Caledonia, before commercial airports arrived.....
 We had about 4/5 days in both places.... one of the better trips.....
 I remember being anchored off Lagos/Lome for over 120 days, and drifting around the Gulf for months on end on both cargo and tankers....but we survived....sane and happy....


News Date 05th April 2013     Updates....

I am sorry but I have had no further news of Jean Kirkham, I have been waiting for her family to inform me of a mobile phone that they were supposed to be buying for her.
Both myself and Carl Parkin are unable to attend Tony Bragg's funeral due to previous appointments and Carl is due back with Stenna on the morning of the funeral. Tony was not and as far as I am away never married. He has a sister who has not been very well.

We remember old friends and shipmates,
John Dunsmore who sadly past away in April 2010

We remember the tragic loss of the 'London Valour' on the 9th April

We celebrate birthdays for Dave Lawrence and for our good friend no longer with us Tom March who would have been 72

I am hoping to visit South Wales at the end of April, and will be in touch with our LOF friends in a week or so.....

News Date 20th March 2013      Tony Bragg (Ex 3rd Eng)

Thanks to Carl Parkin for informing us on the passing away of Tony, I have no further information at present, Tony had just recently
'Retired' as Harbour Master of Brightlingsea in Essex.....

Click Here

News Date 20th March 2013      From Eric Hill.....

I wish to inform you that I am organising with the Commune of Genoa ( Town Hall) and the Navy a commemoration of the London Valour in our church where the bell is in custody and used for the services.

You are all invited to participate and I would appreciate if you could pass the word around to all those who came to Genoa in 2010 and any others who may be interested.

The service will be on 9th April in the Church of the Holy Ghost in Distacco di Piazza Marsala at 10.30am.
I trust that you and your families are well.
My best regards,

Denise Dardani

British Consulate Genoa
Piazza G. Verdi, 6/A - 16121 Genoa
Tel.: +39 010 574 00 71
Fax: +39 010 530 40 96

News Date 17th March 2013     Contact and LOF News...
The e-mail address associated with the website has been well and truly 'hacked' considering it has been in the public domain for 10 years, I am surprised  it has lasted as long.....

A new link address will be created shortly....
News Date 24th February 2013     Passing on of Trevor Foster (Ex Counties)

Full Name : Trevor James Foster
He lived in Brighton for the last years of his life, but he moved around a lot after leaving the sea as he worked for
Super Heater and then the Central Electricity Generating Board constructing power stations.
He was 83 years old when he died.
Dad sailed on the following Counties ships:
Name of Ship                    Engagement                       Final Discharge Rating
S.S. King James              16.09.50 14.08.52              5th. and 4th. Engineer
M.S. King Alfred               20.11.52  05.06.53             3rd. Engineer
S.S. King Edgar               06.07.53  04.02.54             2nd. Engineer
M.V. King Alexander        24.04.54  24.11.54             2nd. Engineer
M.V. King Malcolm           06.12.54  20.05.55             2nd. Engineer
S.S. Akti Hill                      02.05.55  14.11.55             2nd. Engineer
S.S. Tulse Hill                    05.03.56 10.03.58             Chief Engineer


News Date 22nd February 2013     Request National Maritime Museum.

Librarian and Researchers are asking for information about either - 'Overseas Pioneer' or 'Overseas Explorer'
in regards to an accident during the period 1980 to 1986 which took place in Livorno Italy.

Both of these ships were sold scrapped by the period mentioned - so think maybe their dates are erroneous...


News Date 06th February 2013     Jean Kirkham...

Firstly my apology for the guys in Manchester, my visit this weekend
 was a very short notice event.

 Myself and Connie made a visit to Jean Kirkham, who as you are
 aware is not too well....she is at present in a Nursing home in Bolton.

 She was so pleased to see us and we spend a couple of hours with
 her, her Grand-daughter Gemma was also there and we covered
 a lot of LOF memories.

 I am not sure how long Jean will be at this particular Nursing home,
 and had the impression she may well be on the move.

 If you would like to send Jean a card the address at present is:

 Meadow Bank House Care Home
 Green Lane, Great Lever, Bolton BL3 2EF

When I receive any further news I will post.....

News Date 27th January 2013     Back in time....How to join a ship.....Bring your own Bed !!!!!

This joining letter sent to me by Tony Tucker whose father-in-law was the late Capt
 Maxwell MacKenzie who was joining a Counties ship in December 1937.....

 Dear Sir,
                     In reply to your letter of yesterday
 we would advise you that it our practice not to
 supply bedding to the Officers and Engineers of the
 steamer, but to pay them a fixed allowance in respect
 of amount under N.N.B Rules. It will be therefore
 necessary for you to take your own bedding across to
 Amsterdam. We have already advised you to this
 effect, but by a mistake we were addressing letters
 to Norman instead of Maxwell MacKenzie.

                     You must join the ship in Amsterdam not
 in Rotterdam, but if you have domestic affairs you
 can defer your departure until the commencement or even
 the middle of next week. Please let us know.

                       Yours faithfully

                                                                      THE COUNTIES SHIP MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED

Editors note..... I have been to Dunnet By Thurso many years ago on a Motorcycle tour, towards the Orkney Islands. In 1937 transport
would have been somewhat difficult to say the least. There is a Railway Station at Wick, or at Thurso.


News Date 20th January 2013     Gordon Emmerson.....


My thanks to Christine (Sproxston) who tracked down Gordon for me, several people have been asking about him.
He takes a long time to answer the phone!!!!....

Gordon I am happy to say is very well and is now 94 years young.....he goes out most days either on the bus or metro into
Newcastle. He has a good neighbour who does his shopping and is still very mobile.... not bad for someone who smoked....

Gordon's discharge book no was R226381 which is one of the lowest I know of by a LOF member.... unless you know differently !!!!


News Date 18th January 2013     Gordon Laxarus....

Last year 81 year old Gordon... Ex Catering Officer carried out a sponsored sky-dive.....


     Standing at the open door of a plane. 81 year old Gordon Lazarus
     felt no fear!
     His determination to jump from 15,000 ft was all the more
     impressive because the partially sighted pensioner could not see
     the ground.
     Gordon did the skydive to raise money for a sight charity 'Herib'
     after it helped him to come to terms with his health issues.

     The former Royal and Merchant Navy catering Officer has had a
     lifetime of adventure.... but the jump was his most daring experience.
     I've never done anything as reckless as this before - although I
     'jumped' into the Suez Canal when I was at sea....

     Thanks to www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk & Bob Stinchcombe....


News Date 18th January 2013     Greeting from Down Under....

                                                                                        Geoff Baskerville...


News Date 05th January 2013     Bens big day is coming......
Here is the card I am sending, the last time I tried to telephone I was connected to the local post office..... maybe STD hasn't yet arrived.



News Date 05th January 2013     David Meare - Ex R/Off

Here we are another year and one that seemed so impossibly distant when I was just a lad in LOF.
I had my 69th birthday at the beginning of December and decided that it was time to call it a day and stop working for a living. I had never intended to carry on so long but each year they'd asked me to stay on and as I was happy enough working there and had a pretty free hand in what I did, it wasn't a huge decision to make.
The winters of the past few years had made the 70 mile trip over the moors to work each day, just a bit wearing so I decided to call it quits this year before the snow and ice came. I must say that being driven out of bed much later in the mornings by the cat yowling for his breakfast, is more acceptable that an alarm clock set for 5:30am .

Best wishes....Dave...


News Date 04th January 2013     Happy Birthday Jean K....

Wishing Jean a Very Happy Birthday for the 3rd January, I have spoken with her on a few
 occasions in the last few months. Jean is undergoing various tests for Cancer... nothing yet
 conclusive. She is now back in the UK and residing with her brother.
 The house in Brittany is mothballed and the car has long been sold.

 Jean very much would like to keep in contact with old friends and shipmates.
 If you would like to contact her I can pass on the phone number. She doesn't check her
 e-mail very often.

 Jean travelled with her Chief Engineer husband 'Jack' for a number of years.
 It was always their dream to reside in France and live the 'good life' which for a number of
 years they managed.
 Jack was still able to follow one of his 'hobbies' horse racing and the odd bet or two.....

 I was very pleased to visit Jean after Jacks passing on, whilst we were on holiday in France a
 few years ago..... a lovely peaceful place.

 Wishing Jean the very best for the future.....


During January we remember shipmates who are no longer with us....

Malcolm Cuthbert - passed away 2011
Jimmy Stronach   - passed away 2011

Celebrating Birthdays this month....

Bruce Thomas     -  45
John Peters          -  63
Dave Walker         -  84

Finally Ben Killeen who will be 90    I did have a Christmas card from Eire, but for the first time no letter written on Bens antique typewriter - he managed to keep the original ribbon, maybe it had finally dried up. I will hopefully be in contact with him before the
big day......


News Date 01st January 2013    A Happy New Year.....

I have enjoyed the last 12 years since producing a simple but expensive Christmas News-Letter in 1998 (The year after LOF was sold).
The website has 'found numerous ex employees ranging from the late 1930's through to the last employee in 1997
At times can be a bit labour intensive, but over the years easier as 'most' of the historical information has been found.

The one thing I can not do and I emphasise this is not a personal decision is get involved with litigation/compensation claims regarding
'ill health or like'. I have been asked on dozens of occasions for information which is private to individuals and their families.
I can sometimes pass you on to solicitors/lawyers who have dealt with ex employees and their families.

I was a simple employee of the company and had no part in its management.
I am sorry if this decision has upset a few people in the past, but I have explained the reasoning.

Hopefully the website serves as a way of information and contact point. I am extremely grateful to the few sponsors who help to finance
this site.

Wishing everyone around the globe a Happy New and Peaceful Year ahead.

Roy G.....


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